The Meet-n’-Greet from Hell: Scene #1

The events surrounding our first visit with my daughter’s new in-laws should’ve served as a warning to us.  It was a simple enough request.  We told them that our Condo-Association had a very strict parking policy.  Each family was allotted 2 parking spots.  Visitors were segregated to “Visitors Parking Only”.  We warned them over and over again, but to no avail.  Mother-in-law-to-be felt that she was above such things.  As a result, our first visit didn’t last more than 15 minutes.   By the time we looked out our living room window to see what all of the racket was about, it was too late.  The last thing we saw was a big flatbed tow truck taking their Mercedes off to the impound.  That of course set the stage for Scene #2 which was much worse.

After their car being towed on their first visit, we probably should’ve expected the craziness that was to follow.

The Meet-n’-Greet from Hell: Scene #2

Outside of the obvious, what is the purpose of a wedding?  Who is it for?  At face value, you would think that it was supposed to be about the bride and the groom.  Everyone should have been celebrating the couple’s happiness, their love, and their commitment toward one another.  It was supposed to be about them, however, something has gotten sorely twisted.  Somehow, the process became about everyone else; the friends, the family and relatives.  As it ultimately turned out, the purpose of the event was to appease their wants, their needs and their desires because make no mistake, they were all expecting something for themselves.  The perceived success or failure of the wedding itself, seemed as if it had very little to do with the my daughter and her fiancé.  Somehow it’s all bass ackwards!


I had soon discovered that preparing for a wedding is much like juggling ice cubes.  The longer you’re involved the sloppier it gets.  Just when you think you have all of the bases covered, somebody uncovers a whole lot more bases. Continue reading →

That Infernal Wedding Dress

From Daddy’s Point of View:

It was a moment that will be forever frozen in time.  That singular look of love in her eyes had me completely mesmerized.  As she reached over and took my arm, I could feel myself finally starting to relax.  The humming sound in my head was beginning to soften and I could even sense that anxious knot in my chest loosening.  It seemed as if everything was slowly winding down.  This was the culmination.  It was the end of what had been an exhausting and mind numbing ordeal.  I would have never guessed that it would have been this way, but nonetheless, here we were.

There was just one last thing to do, and we both knew it.  She gently looked up at me and after squeezing my arm, she beckoned me to move forward, so that we could begin that last long walk down the aisle together.  The music was rising and I could see that all eyes were firmly fixed on the both of us.  Everything seemed fine.  All was as it should have been.  Then what happened next, completely surprised me.  With no warning, everything changed.  I felt as if my conscious mind had ignited.

Involuntarily my thoughts started rapidly flashing backwards.  Continue reading →



Most first-posts tell why you’re writing what you’re writing. I think our approach will be a little bit different here. We’re going to tell a story that will make the “why” abundantly clear. And we hope you enjoy the ride…


One Word: Elope!

The wedding dress is but a symbol for a ceremony. It is a centerpiece and it is a reminder of an ancient aberrant process that parents on both sides of the aisle are forced to endure in an effort to get their children out of the house. This site is designed to be a sanctuary. It is here as a respite. It’s a place to go for all of those who have been abused, belittled, conned, deceived, emasculated, frightened, goaded, hustled, intimidated, jailed, kicked, lampooned, manipulated, neglected, offended, persecuted… Need I go on?

We are more than halfway through the alphabet. Continue reading →